Liger - An Open Source Integrated Optimization Environment

Liger is an open source integrated optimization environment which is designed to be extensible and have a smooth learning curve so that it can be used by the non-expert in industry. Liger is built about a visual programming language, by which optimization work-flows can be created.

Although there exists a number of optimization frameworks, only commercial and closed source software addresses, to an extent, real-world optimization problems. Typically these packages are low-level libraries which require a large time investment on behalf of the practitioner. 

Key Facts

  • Liger is an open source C++ Integrated Optimization Environment aimed towards ease of use for non-specialists in the use of optimization: The framework is designed to be extensible. 

  • Liger employs several open source libraries such as EO and its extension Paradiseo, Armadillo for for matrix operations and linear algebra support, jMetalCpp and many others. 

  • Visualization in Liger is supported by the D3.js library.

  • Liger is open-source software, and is distributed under LGPLv3.

Currently Liger is in active development. Precompiled binaries for Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms are available here.

For a glimpse of the current status of Liger, have a look here.


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